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The Club newsletter "WesTurn News" is produced monthly and is packed with Club news including updates from

the Committee, notice of upcoming events, reports on past events and the previous Maxi Days, photos from

"Show & Tell", Turning Tips, items for sale,and advertisers ads.

New Editions added to the website are accessible when the corresponding Edition Number is listed. Printed copies of "WesTurn News" are available at the club.

Note: No newsletter is currently published in January.

Click the relevant month link below to access the desired edition. Editions from previous years are accessed by clicking the "Archived Editions" link below.

WestTurn News

February 2017

Edition 196

WesTurn News

March 2017

Edition 197

WesTurn News

April 2017

Edition 198

WesTurn News

May 2017

Edition 199

WesTurn News

June 2017

Edition 200


WesTurn News

July 2017

Edition 201

WesTurn News

August 2017

Edition 202

WesTurn News

September 2017

Edition 203

WesTurn News

October 2017

Edition 204

WesTurn News

November 2017

Edition 205


WesTurn News

December 2017


WesTurn News

Archived Editions

2004 - 2016

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